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Peter Burnett

Cinematic Filmmaker

Professional wedding day video filming and production - Peter is a videographer creating not just a video, but a wedding day cinematic film - covering venues in Birmingham, West Midlands, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and further afield

A professional broadcast cameraman who was trained at the BBC, Peter has had footage on major broadcast networks and has been a cameraman for many international documentary type films. He is now available to film and produce, in his own bespoke and natural way, your wedding day video - a unique visual journey from preparations through to celebrations

You will be investing in unforgettable memories captured for you on video by an experienced, reliable and professional videographer.  In choosing iDesign Wedding Videography to film and produce your wedding day video, you guarantee video memories that you will treasure and be proud of

Peter Burnett Broadcast Cameraman & Videographer

You've Just Got To See These

Actual Wedding Day Highlights Videos

David & Reni Outtakes

Martin & Beverley Outtakes

Paul & Danni Outtakes

Top Table on Fire - Coombe Abbey


What to expect

Final Video Media

The final video media is edited and produced and supplied as:

  • Short 3-5 minute social media version
  • 15 minute Highlights video
  • Full days 2 hour video

Supplied on 1 x memory stick and the 2 shorter versions uploaded to the internet

(Other final video media options available)

Professional and Reliable

Peter was trained as a Sound Engineer at the BBC, many many years ago. Since then, he has ran an Audio Visual hire centre, been an emergency and disasters project manager for an international children's charity and also filmed many documentary type films for charities, filming in countries like Afghanistan, Albania, Mozambique and many others 

Unique & Bespoke

"I am a filmmaker - every wedding video I produce is unique with it's own style and personal touch. A mixture of traditional, yet modern, with a touch of fun. I take it as a privilege to film and produce a wedding day video; working with lovely people in amazing places" - Peter


3 Simple Steps

Are You Happy?

Every videographer has a different filming and editing style. Take a good look at the highlights videos on my site. These are actual videos and not made up samples for you to see. Look at others course mine is the best, but then I would say that

My style is, traditional with a touch of modern - I produce a relaxed but professional video

Above all...a creative spirit to capture your wonderful day in video - memories that you will treasure

Ask Yourself Why?

A wedding day video is so worth while...but ask yourself WHY?...not about 'why capture the day in video' but, what do you want out of it?...are you into social media, are your friends eager to see what you've been up to, do you owe your family something, will just the highlights do or do you want to have video of the whole day...including all the background behind-the-scenes bits you missed - you've invested so much into the day

A wedding day video - keeping memories alive

Contacting Me Is Free!

Phone me, Peter, for a chat - 079 7467 4815, text for further info or fill out form below to find out if I have your date available

Contacting me is free, quite happy to talk things through and give advice

Or email me on give me a bit of info on your big day and I'll get back to you

Wedding Day Video Package

So How Much Are We Talking About?

Just One great Wedding Day Video Package - £975.00

  • Bride preparations (from 2 hours before ceremony)

  • Guests Arriving at Ceremony Venue

  • Ceremony

  • Film photo session

  • Reception room

  • Speeches

  • First dance

3-4 minute wedding summary (Social media version)
15 minute highlights video
Full video (approx 2 hours long)

All filmed using multiple cameras and creative techniques, professionally produced and edited, supplied on memory stick and uploaded to internet - other final media option available

What You Need To Know

The Ins & Outs

  • HD or not HD

    I only record in HD (High Definition 1080p) However, this is then downsized for social media etc

  • Video Media Options

    All memory sticks are provided as a heart shape and in a presentation box

    DVD and Blu Ray discs are full colour printed and in a case with full colour inlays

    DVD's and Blu Ray media have titles

    Social Media and 15 minute Highlights videos have music of your choice in the background and are uploaded to the internet

  • Travel

    I am based in the Midlands and so events in the Midlands do not have an extra charge for travel and travel time

    Outside of the Midlands, there may be an extra charge of 40p/mile for travel and travel time

  • Heart Shaped Memory Stick

    The final video media is supplied as a heart shaped memory stick in a heart shaped tin, lined with pure Habotai silk - extras at £40.00 each


  • Payments

    Payments can received via BACS, cheque, cash, PayPal and Credit Card

    Date of Wedding
  • Deposit

    A non-returnable deposit of £250.00 is needed to book me and reserve your date in my diary

  • Extra Video Media

    Final produced and edited video media can be provided as:

    32GB memory stick in heart shaped tin - £40.00

    DVD - £25.00

    Blu Ray - £45.00

    Upload full days video to internet - £35.00

    (These are extras to the video media within the wedding day video plans)

  • DVD in Case

    The final video media can be supplied on a full colour printed DVD in a plastic DVD case with printed inlays - £25.00 each

    DVD cases

  • Non British Weddings

    Due to extra celebrations, non-British weddings will have an extra £250.00/event surcharge

    Also final media will have a higher price as there is more video footage taken and supplied i.e. 2 DVD's not just 1 in a case

  • Live Streaming

    I have the facility to Live Stream a wedding or event to anywhere in the world that has internet access

    The cost starts at £350.00 depending on requirements

  • Contract

    On receipt and banking of deposit, the contract for iDesign Wedding Videography is set in motion to film and produce your wedding day video

    Please see here for copy of contract

  • Posh DVD Case

    The final video media can be supplied in a Faux Leather Wedding presentation case - £45.00 each

    DVD in faux leather case